Resources for Farm Workers

This page contains important resources to support farm employers and workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Note: Click on your preferred language to download the resources listed below. Where there is {Video}, that is a link to a corresponding YouTube video of the resource.

RIO Network - Updated Regularly

Extensive database of COVID-19 and other health resources available in dozens of languages. Direct links to key language landing pages are here:

English          Spanish           Thai          French


Health & Safety Information Resources

Animated Health & Safety Videos

  • COVID Symptoms
    English                          Spanish                          Thai
  • Hand Washing
    English                          Spanish                          Thai
  • Hand Sanitizing
    English                          Spanish                          Thai
  • Hygiene & Mask Wearing
    English                          Spanish                          Thai
  • Physical Distancing
    English                          Spanish                          Thai

ArriveCAN App Resources

Vaccine Resources

It is important to share vaccine information from trusted sources to ensure workers can make informed decisions and have confidence in the vaccination process. The following have been adapted from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Health Ontario and the World Health Organization.

Income Support Resources

  • WSIB FAQ for Foreign Agricultural Workers and their Employers​
    English   {Video}          Spanish   {Video}
  • Injured at work? A guide for foreign agricultural workers
    English                          Spanish
  • Learn how to file a claim for benefits - Video (Spanish only)

Health Care Resources

Farm Machinery & Tractor Safety Videos

  • Rural Road Safety
    English                         Spanish
  • Preventing Machinery Entanglement
    English                         Spanish
  • Working Alone Safely
    English                         Spanish
  • Tractor Runovers
    English                         Thai
  • Tractor Rollovers
    English                         Thai

Bicycle Safety

YouTube Video Resources

Resource Library for Agricultural Workers and Employers 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF - Revised May 12, 2021

This library includes:

  • Extensive list of resources and guidelines to support farm employers
  • Extensive list of resources, guidelines, posters, videos, etc. for international farm workers, in English, French, Spanish and Thai

Electronic package of key resources for workers:
English          Spanish          Thai

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