The voice of Ontario's fruit and vegetable growers for over 150 years.

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA) was established in 1859, which makes it one of Ontario and Canada’s oldest agriculture organizations.

As the voice of Ontario’s fruit and vegetable growers, the OFVGA is a nationally recognized not-for-profit association that advocates on behalf of Ontario fruit and vegetable growers and the edible horticulture industry, and represents its members provincially, nationally, and internationally.

Mission statement

Advocate on behalf of fruit and vegetable farmers of Ontario in partnership with our member associations.

Vision statement

A thriving fruit and vegetable sector.


OFVGA’s members are the following  organizations that collectively represent Ontario’s fruit and vegetable farmers:

The OFVGA is led by an active and engaged board of directors consisting of 12 grower directors and ex-officio representatives.


On behalf of its members, the OFVGA leads lobbying activities in five key areas that affect all fruit and vegetable farmers: Safety Nets, Crop Protection, Energy, Property and Infrastructure, Labour and Environment and Conservation. The organization also supports national efforts on other issues concerning the horticulture sector across the country, such as international trade for example.

The OFVGA also supports national efforts through the Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada by appointing board of directors and being actively involved in all working groups including crop protection, labour, trade and risk management.


The OFVGA works to maintain close ties with its member organizations, industry stakeholders and partners, government liaisons and national bodies. This is done through monthly industry newsletters, regular email updates to members when pertinent issues arise and ongoing communication with the provincial government.

The OFVGA also participates in several events and tradeshows throughout the year including the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention, Ontario Greenhouse Conference and more.

Farm and Food Care

The OFVGA is a proud member and supporter of Farm and Food Care Ontario (FFCO). FFCO's mandate is to build public trust in food and farming in Ontario and have supported OFVGA on several issues including trespassing and environment. They are also an integral piece to the More than a Migrant Worker initiative.