More than a Migrant Worker

More than a Migrant Worker is an initiative supported by a group of Ontario farm organizations who are working together to thank and raise awareness about the important role and contributions of international agricultural workers. These are the people who help grow the local fruits and vegetables that Ontarians enjoy and value so much.

Our goal with this project is to put the spotlight on the seasonal farm workers who are here through the government-approved Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) or the agriculture stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program and let them tell their stories.

To date, we have interviewed nearly 100 workers from a wide range of fruit and vegetable farms, including those that grow apples, berries, asparagus, tender fruit, grapes, potatoes, greenhouse vegetables and more. These interviews are a chance for the workers to tell their story in their own words. Some like to talk about their family back home who they’re able to support through their work in Ontario, others how proud they are of the work they do here; the common theme being they all have a unique and amazing story to tell.

Through the More than a Migrant Worker initiative, we have shared their stories with thousands of Ontarians. This includes published articles in the Toronto Star and National Post, as well as our own social media channels and website where we house all the terrific content from the worker interviews. The site provides information on Canada's government-regulated and approved temporary farm worker programs and ongoing efforts to continually improve the programs for workers.

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