NEW REPORT: Impact of Quarantine Requirements on Ontario Farms

The OFVGA recently completed an analysis document titled "Quarantine for Temporary Foreign Workers: Costs and Impacts to Ontario’s Fruit and Vegetable Farms."  A brief of the report is below, and the complete report can be downloaded here.

This report has been shared with the federal government, requesting continued support for Ontario farm employers of Temporary Foreign Workers as long as government-imposed quarantining requirements remain in place.

Report Brief:

The Ontario fruit and vegetable sector has been steadfast in carrying out its role in ensuring ongoing domestic production of fruits and vegetables throughout the pandemic. The sector has appreciated the willingness of all levels of government to partner with and enable the sector carry out this critical role, especially as it relates to supporting access to its critical workforce.

The sector appreciates that the current quarantine and testing requirements are necessary to protect the Canadian public and the workers alike. However, at a time when costs associated with federally-mandated quarantine are increasing for growers to access Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs), the federal government has begun to lower/withdraw funding supports for expenses that are a direct result of government policy.

To provide growers with the confidence to continue incurring such costs and invest in this year’s growing season, OFVGA is requesting the following financial supports:

  • Sustained funding through the Mandatory Isolation Support for Temporary Foreign Workers Program to help growers manage the initial 14-day quarantine requirement.
  • Supplementary funding to offset costs related to day 10/8 testing challenges.

Click here for the full report.