Key issue: Crop protection

Section Chair: Brian Rideout

The OFVGA recognizes changing public attitudes towards the use of crop protection and supports the safe and responsible use of these products.

OFVGA works closely with organizations such as Farm & Food Care who advocate this same responsible approach.

Members of OFVGA's crop protection section committee deal with a variety of issues affecting crop protection,  including registrations and availability of products, relations with the federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), identifying research needs, grower education and certification and ensuring a science-based approach to crop protection regulation.

Crop protection issues the OFVGA is currently involved with:

  • Manage pesticide registration issues, reviews and consulatations as they arise.
  • Manage Minor Use priority setting process.
  • Advocate for pesticide MRL improvements and global harmonization.
  • Maintain good relationships with PMRA, Registratns, IR-4, OMAFRA and others. 


  • Ontario Pesticide Law Changes – April 23, 2020

    Ontario Pesticide Law Changes – April 23, 2020 Effective May 1, 2020:

    Download full document here

  • Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) program

    GROU (Grower Requested Own Use) is a federal government program that allows growers to import the US version of Canadian-registered crop protection products for their own use should they be available in the US at a lower price than in Canada.

    The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) evaluates all nominated products to determine their eligibility for the program. The GROU Nomination Committee selects high priority products and requests that PMRA make them available for import.

    Once a product has been approved for import, growers must submit an application for a GROU Import Certificate along with the container label and proof of participation in an acceptable container disposal program to the PMRA prior to being able to bring it into Canada. GROU products can only be purchased and imported by growers for their own use on their land and for one growing season only.

    For more information, including a list of products approved under the program:

  • Re-evaluation

    The re-evaluation of crop protection products the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is ongoing. The CHC Crop Protection Committee works to submit responses to each product re-evaluation with respect to the importance of the product in question to the industry and how the product is applied in edible horticulture.

    The OFVGA’s response has been focused on toxicological perspectives with regards to worker exposure platforms and has been meeting with PMRA on this issue as it relates to re-evaluation of crop protection products.

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    Recent Re-Evaluation Submissions:

    Mancozeb and its Associated End-use Products (PRVD2018-17)