EVENT The Nutram Difference: Holistic Pet Health

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“Holistic” nutrition often gets a bad rap. With health and healthy eating more prevalent than ever, the word holistic often sounds like a marketing buzzword - until you look at the hard science behind it. At Nutram, we’re as passionate about ethical practices and natural ingredients as we are about research. That passion is what fuelled us to create the first pet food line that harnesses research and technology into a completely holistic pet food. But how does it work?

Holistic nutrition focuses on the way ingredients interact with each other, allowing us to maximize their benefits and target specific issues, or prevent them altogether, with more natural solutions.

Think of it this way: there are hundreds of natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, like fish or flax seeds. However, all these sources aren’t created equal, and eating them with other foods can affect the way your pet absorbs the nutrients, sometimes rendering these so-called superfoods ineffective. So, pairing salmon oil with turmeric will boost your pet’s immunity and mobility, while pairing it with flaxseed will help fuel a shiny coat and healthy skin. At Nutram, we approach natural ingredients as puzzle pieces, and a dedication to holistic nutrition helps us discover how they best fit together.

That’s the backbone of our Optimum Combinations, 19 perfect pairings of whole ingredients that produce specific health benefits for your pet. You’ll always see real food, the same ingredients you’d feed your family like chicken, fish, kale, quinoa, or pumpkin, first on our ingredients list. The Nutram difference is that those ingredients aren’t there just for appearances, they’re there because we know they work together to create whole-body health. Check them out:

Though there are 19 combinations, many target the same common issues, like skin health, immunity and mobility - so how do you know what’s right for you? Fill out our two-minute questionnaire and find your Nutram Number! Using outside factors like weight, age, health, and behaviours, the Nutram Number helps choose the holistic solution that’s most effective for your pet. What are you waiting for?

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