EVENT The Best Cat Breeds For Families With Kids

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There are so many benefits of growing up with a pet, it’s really no wonder that over 60% of families have at least one. From increasing your kid’s confidence and compassion to teaching them responsibility and nurturing skills, there’s very little downside to bringing a pet into your family.

That said, some cats are certainly better disposed for family life than others. When you’re looking for a cat, especially if your children are quite young, finding one with a calm temperament is essential. Higher-strung cats can sometimes bite, scratch or hiss when kids play with them, and often don’t react well to loud noises or the constant action that comes with family life. Maintenance is also a key factor - are you willing to take on a cat that needs grooming and upkeep?

From the level of maintenance to their intelligence, playfulness and tolerance for playing dress-up, we’ve outlined a few breeds that will make excellent companions to your kids - and you! - from the day you bring them home.


This cat’s name comes from their tendency to go totally limp when you pick them up, an adorable trait that’s also indicative of their docile nature. They’re super fluffy, which makes them great for cuddling, and are laid-back enough that they generally don’t fight when being hugged or touched. You can even walk them on leashes with some careful training.


This breed loves to play - they’re inquizitive, intelligent, and love to interact with both people and toys. They’re also very friendly and loving, and will bond with you and your kids for life.

The only downside? They’re Persian, meaning they’re a long-haired breed and require brushing at least a few times a week. This can be a great opportunity to impart some responsibility to children, but if you’re looking for an extremely low-maintenance option, this cat may not be for you.

Scottish Folds

These cats are named after their distinctive ears, and are gaining some well-deserved popularity now that Taylor Swift has one. These are great cats for a number of reasons, especially if you already have a pet or are considering getting more than one: they’re very social and adjust well to other pets and peoples.

They also form strong bonds to their human caregivers, making them affectionate and loving. They’re also intelligent and playful, making them great companions that can grow with your kids.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthairs have very laid-back personalities. They generally stay under 15 pounds, which makes them great for smaller homes or condos. They’re also non-shedding, so the grooming needed is minimal and is great for busy families who like to keep things low-maintenance. Though they are playful, they also love to nap and relax, so they’ll be great to help your kids wind down at the end of the day.

Exotic Shorthairs are also quite loyal - don’t be surprised if they start to play favourites with your family members.  Plus, their plush coats, round faces and wide eyes are flat-out adorable.

Maine Coon

This breed was recently in the news for being mistaken for a lynx, so distinctive is their large size. It’s true that Maine Coons will grow much larger than your average cat, but don’t let their size throw you off. They’re commonly called the “Gentle Giant,” a nickname they earn from their even temperament, playfulness and loyalty. Many owners love these cats because of their almost dog-like personality, but they also have above-average intelligence. This makes them easy to train, and great if you’d like a cat around the house to keep your mouse population under control.

They’re also low-maintenance - despite being a long-haired breed, they require little brushing and shed only occasionally. If you have a pest problem, the  If you have the space for a cat of this size, a Maine Coon makes an ideal, and distinct, family pet.

Did you grow up with a cat? Did you get one when you started a family of your own? Tell us on Facebook!

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