The Grower newspaper launches new website, digital services

The Grower, Canada’s premier horticultural publication, is launching its new website and refreshed brand at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention (OFVC) today.  At, readers will find an interactive experience, that for the first time, will contain real-time reporting from the trade show at the convention.

“The new website is designed to be truly mobile-friendly for those readers who operate from their 4x4 truck cabs and are constantly on the move,” says Karen Davidson, editor.  “We are organizing content so that minor use registration and label extensions, for example, are published in real time.”

As the website evolves, bloggers will be invited from across Canada to share their perspectives. A photo gallery will share more of the award-winning photography that we gather throughout the seasons. Regular postings of educational videos will offer an enriched experience, in addition to the monthly newspaper. For those who wish to update their mailing addresses, a login will be available for online changes.

The benefits will be immediate for readers and advertisers. A searchable archive allows access to articles by using key words. For advertisers, targeting specific audiences by commodity or geography has always been available, but now those opportunities are not governed by space or time.

Quotes from our launch sponsors:

 “We certainly see that our innovative, progressive customers want the most current, most reliable information available,” remarked Scott Hodgins, horticulture brand manager with BASF.  “The Grower’s updated online presence is going to make that information even more readily available, and that is definitely a benefit to our industry.” 

Scott Hodgins, BASF Canada

 “The new website creates a real opportunity for the horticulture industry to further foster collaboration and share success stories. We’re pleased to be an inaugural sponsor of the site.”

Cheryl Lenox, director, marketing and communications, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (VRIC).


For more information, contact:

Karen Davidson, editor:  416-557-6413 or

Carlie Melara, print + digital advertising sales:  519-763-8728 ext. 218 or