Federal Carbon Tax to Provide Some Relief for Greenhouse Operators


Federal Carbon Tax to Provide Some Relief for Greenhouse Operators

Guelph ON, 26 October 2018 – The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA) welcomes the October 23 announcement by the Canadian government whereby it is providing targeted relief from the federal carbon tax on fuels for heating greenhouses. This targeted relief is a positive step by the federal government to recognize the unique needs of domestic food production.

The greenhouse vegetable sector has quickly become an economic driver in the province, generating over $920 million in farmgate sales in 2017. Using modern and efficient technologies, Ontario greenhouse growers are able to produce fresh product year-round in Canada’s northern climate, complementing Ontario’s bountiful field grown fruit and vegetable production. Without relief, carbon pricing has the potential to negatively impact the competitiveness of greenhouse and field production of fruits and vegetables, both of which compete in the global marketplace.

"The reality is that farmers have already been incentivized to become energy efficient as it has been necessary to remain competitive,” says Jan VanderHout, chair of the OFVGA. “Today, we thank the federal government for recognizing the specific needs of greenhouse production.”

The OFVGA looks forward to ongoing dialogue with the federal and Ontario provincial governments to support all of Ontario’s fruit and vegetable farmers as stewards of the air, land and water that they depend on to contribute to Canada’s food security and the economy.


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About the OFVGA:
The OFVGA is the leading voice for Ontario’s fruit, vegetable and greenhouse vegetable farmers. Our sector includes more than 3,500 family run farms that employ over 30,000 people directly on-farm. For every on-farm job, it is estimated there are 2.2 jobs created downstream, or approximately 96,000 jobs combined. Fruit and vegetable production drives Ontario’s rural and urban economies by generating more than $4.2 billion in economic activity annually, along with $600 million in combined tax revenues for all levels of government. Ontario fruit and vegetable farmers compete with global producers for domestic and export markets that demand low cost quality produce.

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